Translation is a science. Understanding the source text is the easiest step. A translator only works into his or her mother tongue – French in my case. It is the only way to precisely reproduce the strength and detail of the original wording. In order to properly translate, you will have to have a love of words, their subtle and contextual significations, origins and the way they sound.

Knowledge on the topic is the second step. How would anyone accurately translate a scientific paper without knowing the vocabulary in your mother tongue?

Sigma Translations delivers high quality translations, always on time, in different fields of expertise, which you can find under services. Of course, I also translate less technical topics.

Always on time


Two source languages into French:


German, my daily language. I have been living in Germany for more than three years, I studied and wrote my master thesis in German in the University of Berlin. I also worked in two different German companies. I have a C2 certification from the German-French Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Goethe Institute.


English, my business language. When I worked on several European projects as an engineer, I have been working in english on a daily basis, for conferences and project meetings. I also have a certification from the University of Cambridge and the test center of Duolingo.

Several fields of expertise:


Engineering – I have a degree in engineering with a specialization in material’s sciences. This enabled me to study various scientific fields like mechanics, physics and chemistry. I used this knowledge in the automotive field (e.g. at Volkswagen), in research (at the Technical University of Berlin) and in the field of microelectronics (working in partnership with IBM on European projects).


Technology – As a child of the so-called internet generation, I am used to deal with user interfaces, websites, apps, software and user manuals of all kinds. I am also highly interested in and active regarding environmental topics.


Marketing and business – I started studying these topics during my engineering's education. Later on, I have continued studying them thanks different MOOCs from various great universities in the world, like the MIT, Delft, Louvain...


I also offer proofreading or editing of your french texts, bringing in a neutral point of view, which can be a big help for finding faulty translation or grammar mistakes.


Below, you will find an overview of my recent clients. I have worked, for example, on technical product's descriptions, accident reports, user manuals and safety instructions. I also created and corrected subtitle corrections of educational videos with scientific topics in the fields of biology, physics, mecanics, nuclear physics and many others. You can watch some of these videos below.

Moreover, I have been translating and proofreading pro bono texts for NGOs and subtitles for TED Talks – like, for example, a speech of former US president Jimmy Carter.



My prices are oriented towards the usual industry fees. For a quote, just contact me. If possible, please attach the document and I will answer you with a personal quote within the following 24 hours.

Prices depend on the combination of languages and billing method – they can be per word, per line or per hour. An extra may be asked if the translation is extremely urgent or requires exceptional expertise and extended research. Proofreading is billed per hour.

My goal is to obtain the fairest price possible, for you and for me.


Marie Haupt




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